3D Printing Services

We provide 3D printing service

25 dollars for each 3D printed part (20 for the part and 5 is to cover the shipping cost). Each part can be up to 5" by 5" by 5" in dimension. If you want sand and prime it will be an additional 15 dollars for each part. We accept PayPal payment only.

Please limit to only a maximum of 4 parts per invoice

1 part  -  $25
2 parts - $50
3 parts - $60
4 parts - $80
Sand and Prime - $15/part
If you order 3 or more parts shipping is FREE.

Click Here to fill out the order form

Once we received your information we will send you an invoice. All invoice must be paid before the product can be printed. The invoice must be paid within 3 days or order will automatically be canceled.

3D Printed Sample Products


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