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JustAnswer - Work as a computer technician or consultant by giving advice to people about their computer. There is also some occasion where you can remote into the client's computer and fix things for them and get paid for the extra work. This can be a full-time job that will make you anywhere around 500 to 1000 dollars a week if you are able to perform the job quickly and move on to the next client. This job does require at least an associate degree or some type of credential from a college or university in order to become an expert. So if you have at least an associate degree and is working on a Bachelor this might be the best job for you because you can work pretty much anywhere even in the library or in your dorm.

Hello Tech - Part-time tech job in your neighborhood or city. This is a contract position. The company will bring you the client and ask you to go to the client's home or office and help them with their technology ranging from installing simple software or complex projects like setting up a network with Firewall and IDS. For this one, you can earn good money if you live in an area that has a lot of clients because each project you perform is somewhere around 50 - 150 dollars depending on how big or how small the project is.

Bug Crowd - Freelance opportunity for serious pen tester, hacker, and security professional

Freelancer - This website is mostly for programmers and web developers because most of the project requires some coding knowledge whether using a scripting language or traditional programming language. This website does require you to bid on a project and you can only work on it if you win the bid. It is a competitive way to find work. For a free account, you can have to up 8 bids per month and a premium account will let you have 100 bids per month.

6YA - This is a phone app (Android and iPhone) that let you talk to the client and help them with their computer, electronics and other technology ranging from 3D printers to plugging in a DVD Player or setting up a TV. This one pays 3 dollars per call and you can make somewhere around 30 dollars to 80 dollars a week if you leave your app on active status throughout the week. Of course, it's not much money but each call only last about 1-5 minutes

Blogger - This free opportunity is great for a college student who is passionate about their career. You can blog just about anything that you have passion on and get paid for your hard work. It is as simple as creating a free account, get a domain for around 12-30 dollars a year and start writing content. In order to get pay, you must sign up a Google Adsense account and add it to your blog. Over time this can be turned into a great side income.

Door Dash - Get paid about 25 dollars an hour to deliver food to people using your own car and you get to keep 100 percent of the tips. Currently operate in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose / Silicon Valley, SF East Bay, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, D.C, San Antonio, and Nashville

UberEATS - If you ever heard of Uber, it is for driving people around the city and to their destination. UberEATS is delivering food to people. This is much more suitable for those who do not want to drive people around.

Grubhub - Same with Door Dash and UberEATS. Deliver food to people on your own time and get paid.

Lyft - Same as Uber. Currently, this one is offering a 250 dollars sign-up bonus.

Carvertise - If you have a car that is 2008 model or newer you can sign up to wrap your car with advertisement and the company will pay you 100 dollars to  200 dollars a month (depending on the type of advertisement) to drive your car where you would normally drive anyway. This is great for a college student who drives to school and work every day. You must drive at least 30 miles a day to qualified for the car wrap. 

Postmates - Deliver food to people in your own town. Can make up to 25 dollars an hour

Caviar - Same as Postmates. Deliver food to people in your own town.

Amazon Flex - Deliver Amazon product to people in your town. Currently operated in Banton Rouge (LA), Charleston (SC), Louisville (KY), Madison (WI), Memphis (TN), Annapolis (MD), Trenton & Freehold Township (NJ), New York (NY), Buffalo (NY), Omaha (NE), San Francisco Bay Area (CA), Greater Seattle Area (WA), and Tulsa (OK).

Amazon Merch - Turn your art into a profitable business by allowing Amazon to print and sell your design on T-Shirt. This requires an invitation and it could be a long process. I would recommend starting out at something like TeePublic or RedBubble and then when you sign up for Amazon Merch show them your TeePublic or RedBubble store so you can get into Amazon Merch much faster. 

EduStaff - Become a substitute teacher for the public school. Work on your own schedule and on the day you want to work. The pay is a little low only about 100 dollars a day but if you are a college student looking for a part-time job that can pay for your books, food, and gas this can be a great job. It does require you to have at least an associate degree but it can be in any field and some experience teaching, or tutoring. Be prepared to have three very good references that can tell them you have good teaching experience before getting hired. They are always hiring people and it is very easy to get in.

BioLife - Donate plasma and get Visa gift card as compensation. 

Shipt - Grocery shopping and deliver food to people in your neighborhood. Website claim to pay up to 22 dollars an hour.

Quora Partner Program - Make money by asking question. The more people search for your question the more you earn. You earn money through advertisement revenue. To make a good income it is recommended to post at least 5 - 10 questions per day. Note that some questions are not allowed for example question that causes harm to others like "how to hack Facebook" or anything related to sexual behavior. Also you must be invited to join this program but if you create a Quora profile and start asking legitimate question you will eventually get invited to join the partner program to start earning money for your question.

Ojooo - Earn money by watching advertise and recommending advertisement. I have only tried this a few time and the pay is not as high for each advertisement you clicked on but feel free to give it a try. - Earn money by taking survey that you are qualified for. This website pays a lot more than many other survey website where you only get paid a few pennies to a few dollars. The reason they pay a lot more because they are seeking professional rather than just any random person. You can get paid some where between 15-200 dollars an hour depending on the survey you are doing.

User Interview - Earn money by taking surveys and schedule a time for an interview. It is very similar to but I found this one to pay a lot more.

Upwork - Similar to and provide a lot of IT project you can sign up for. The downside to this is you have to bid on the project and if the client chose you for the job than you can start working on it. It is a very competitive website to find work.

Guru - Similar to Upwork, the customer gets to choose who to assign the project to. If you are new to the website and want to start earning, the best way is to charge less so you get chosen for the project you can or want to do.

FlexJobs - This website is great for college student looking for remote work. There are some freelance jobs available as well. This website requires you to sign up for a paid subscription to look for a job and one-year subscription is about 50 dollars.

Freelance Writing Gigs -  This website is great for those who want to work and get paid by writing and editing content. This is great for college student because you can work around your class schedule and you do not have to go anywhere, all you need is a laptop with a good internet connection and you can work anywhere you want.

People Per Hour - A curated job board of freelance jobs

Get Photography Jobs - A curated list of jobs categorized by state

Journalism Jobs - If you want to break into photojournalism, look here

Shopify Partner Program - Submit your photos and get paid

Photography Jobs - Submit your photos and get paid

Virtual Vocations - Telecommute opportunities all in one place

Fiverr - List your skills and build a portfolio of projects while getting paid

Photography Jobs Finder - Search for jobs and upload your resume

Cruise Ship Jobs - Want to start doing travel photography? Get a job on a cruise ship

The Creative Loft - Hundreds of photography jobs listed every day

Dating Headshots - Take pictures in your studio for online dating profiles

Airbnb - Capture homes in unique ways for available rentals

Oyster - Travel to nearby hotels and photograph them extensively

Texbroker - Get paid by becoming a writer. There are always assignments to work on and each assignment can range from a few cents to a few dollars and they are very quick to complete. You get paid by your content rating and the number of words you wrote for each article.

Copify - Similar to Textbroker. You get paid to write articles. It takes around 7 days to get approved as a writer.

SmartSource Inc - A company that provides freelance IT work. Basically, once you got in, you will have an account where you can log in and accept the work that you can do. The company sends out an email almost every week with new jobs and you can either accept or reject it. You get paid for the job you work and the pay is from 22 - 35 dollars an hour. You can get a good amount of hours depending on where you live and also if you want to work more be prepared to travel.

Talent Inc. - Become a freelance resume writer with this company. They are always looking for freelancers and the pay is about 30 dollars per resume. You can work anytime you want and wherever you want.

Papa Pal - Help senior citizens with car rides, house tasks, and tech lessons while providing companionship. Accept only the job you want. Schedules are flexible.

Capterra - Write software reviews and earn gift cards. Its that simple. It won't make you rich but each review is only about 5 to 10 minutes of your time and you get about 10 dollars worth of gift card from places like Amazon sent to your email to redeem.

Job Post Staffing - A website to find potential employers. Most of their jobs are general labor jobs so if you need a job that can build a good resume while going to college I recommend starting with this.

ZipRecruiter - One of the best websites to search for a job or a career. The best thing about this website is, they have one-click apply which makes it very easy to apply for multiple positions. No more lengthy application and hours of work only to find out you are not qualified.

Team Workforce - Find jobs listing in Holland, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon. Most jobs are general labor jobs and required very little to no experience. If you have no working experience and want to build a good resume this might be a good place to start.

ACX - Earn money by reading books and recording your voice. This job can be complicated for some people because you will run into some problems where you have to edit your voice like cutting out the part you do not want, changing the way you read something or the person that just doesn't like the way you read their book and decided not to pay you for it. It is definitely not an easy job for some people but if you can get past all of that, it is a very good way to make money.

Remote Jobs Co. - A good place to look for remote or freelance jobs.

Media Science - Earn eGift Cards worth between 15 to 50 dollars using your Roku device

Content Fly - Become a freelance writer with this platform

Roadie - Get paid for delivering stuff to customer on your schedule. Sign up on their website, download the app and sign in to start picking up jobs.

Dean Career - Here you’ll find the latest job postings for both Dean Transportation and Dean Trailways. From part-time driver positions to full-time administrative positions, Dean provides a wealth of opportunity to members of the communities it serves.