“He who has a why to save can bear almost any how.”

Fundrise Investing - Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust.

Mainvest - Invest in small businesses

Worthybonds - Bond investment

Upside Avenue - Multi-housing REITs

My Constant - Crypto Peer to Peer lending

Avibra - Free micro Life Insurance (up to 15K)

10 Rules for a Rich Life

Debt versus Equity Funding

Government and Money

Understanding Bonds

Understanding Shares

How Tax Works

How Much Money Should I Save to Move Out

What's the Difference Between a 401(k) and a 403(b)

DiversyFund - a zero fee alternative investment platform

CloudCommerce - Invest in the future of digital advertising

Important Financial Lesson You Won't Learn in School

The Penny Hoarder - Learn about finance, how to save/invest money, and other financial tips and trick for free.

Things you will most likely have to spend on as you approach adulthood

NICO - Neighborhood REITs investment

Compass Credit Union High Yield Checking with 50 dollars sign up bonus

Lending Club. Loan your money to others and earn interest.

Streitwise - Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

41 ways to save money

Fund That Flip - Another interesting Real Estate Investment Trust. They claim to have a 14% return on investment.

Start Engine - Invest in individual start-ups by buying their stocks for very cheap. This is a very high-risk investment because these companies are start-up meaning they either have not started the project yet or just started the company and need investors to buy into their stocks early so they can get the project going using the investor's money. Make sure you do a lot of research before investing in any of their projects.

Money Made  - Discover investing opportunity from Real Estate, collectibles, loans, farmland, stocks, and more.

Side Hustle Nation - A website with a lot of tips and tricks on how to make money online.

How to meet direct deposit requirements for bank promotion - Use these methods to gain extra money from bank promotion without having to switch your payroll direct deposit.

MI Bridges - Apply for government benefits for low-income families such as health insurance (Medicaid), child care support, cash assistance, and more for free.

SafeLink Wireless - Free cellphone with minutes and data for low-income families. (Their cell service is Sprint network)

Q Link Wireless - Free cellphone with minutes and data for a low-income family. (Their cell service is Sprint Network)

FAFSA - The one and only true website to apply for government financial aid and Pell grant. 

Michigan UIA - File for unemployment benefits

GRCC Get Help Program - If you are a current student at GRCC (Grand Rapids Community College) or planning to attend GRCC in the future and need help with finance, food, emergency housing, and other needs so you can focus on school, use this link to get help. They help and support students with low income to make sure they can stay focus and be successful in school.

M1 Finance - Buy and sell stocks without fees. Sign up using this link and get 30 dollars toward your investment portfolio.