Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Avibra Life Insurance

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Avibra Life Insurance is a relatively new company that launched early in 2019 as a technology-focused lifestyle platform that allows users to get free life insurance when they sign up for its mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Avibra offers only term life insurance in small amounts - what it calls “micro insurance” - but the amount of insurance coverage can grow daily based on the user’s healthy habits.

Avibra links to other mobile apps and analyzes their data to create a big-picture view of the user’s habits, both good and bad, using the information to reward users with additional coverage with no purchase required. Avibra members can also access guided meditation and personal quiz features to further improve their wellness habits.

The founders of Avibra have worked in the life insurance and financial services industries for several years and used their expertise to develop a life insurance solution with the power of artificial intelligence. Avibra is one of the few free life insurance options for individuals currently on the market.

How Much Does Avibra Cost?
Avibra is a free membership-based mobile app that offers its members free term life insurance coverage upon signing up.

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