Friday, December 6, 2019

My Constant

My Constant is a peer to peer lending platform that allows you to lend your money to people and in return earn interest on the amount you invested. What I like about this peer to peer lending platform is that the borrower must put in some collaterals meaning something that can be sold for the lender to get his money back in case the borrower defaults on the loan. When the borrower has successfully paid back the amount they borrowed, they will get their collateral back and the lender gets his money back plus the interest. This peer to peer lending style protects the lender from default loan while protecting the borrower collateral with a smart contract meaning the collateral cannot be touch until the contract has been met.

I think this is a good type of peer to peer lending, although the lender can still lose some of his money if the borrower do decide to default the loan because the collateral might drop in price when it is sold. But like all investment, there are some risks involved so make sure you do research before you invest your money.

See the video below to understand how My Constant works. 


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