Friday, December 28, 2018

How to hide data in audio files using DeepSound (Steganography)

1. Click here to download

2. After the installation just locates the icon and double-click on it to start the installation process. Now follow the on-screen instruction to install the program like you would with any other Windows soft.

3. Once the installation is done. Double click on the DeepSound icon to open the program.

4. Now click on Open carrier files and select your audio file like I have below and click Open.

5. Now click on Add secret files and select the file you wish to hide behind the audio file. The Output audio file quality if optional, you can select whatever you want, in my case I want to have high-quality audio so I select High

6. Now click Encode secret files.

6. Select your Output format by clicking on the drop-down arrow. I went with MP3 but you can choose whatever audio format you want. Encryption is optional but recommended because if someone discovered that you are hiding a file behind the audio they will have to know the password in order to extract the file. If you want encryption just check the Encrypt secret files and type in the password.

7. Click Encode secret files and the Output should now be in your Documents directory.

Extract Secret File

1. To extract the secret file open DeepSound and click on Open carrier files

2. Now choose the audio file you hid the secret message behind and click Open

3. Now it should ask you for a password if you choose the encryption option when you hide the message behind the audio, simply type in the password and click Ok to extract. If you did not choose encryption, the program will not as you for a password.

4. Once the secret file is extracted it should be located in your Documents directory.


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