Wednesday, February 20, 2019

3D Printing

1. Understanding 3D Printing

2. Understanding Plastic Extrusion

3. Understanding Digital Light Processing Resin and Photopolymerization

4. Understanding Direct Laser Metal Sintering

5. Install Blender

6. Understand Blender basics

7. Understand basic modeling with Blender

8. Understand more advanced Blender techniques Part I

9. Understand more advanced Blender techniques Part II

10. Understand slicing and different slicing applications

11. Understand Gcode

12. Understand slicer parameters

13. Understand Solar Slicer and Skeinforge

14. Troubleshoot when things go wrong

15. Understand types of consumer-grade printers

16. Understand the Solar Mark I printer

17. Understand why first impressions are everything (PLA versus ABS)

18. Prep your machine

19. Complete finishing touches

20. Real-time modeling Extended version- Fine-tuning the model


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