Sunday, February 10, 2019

DarkFly for Termux

DarkFly is a security installation tool for Termux that allow you to easily install any security tool available on the list simply by typing in the number next to the tool you wished to install and DarkFly will do everything for you, this helps a lot especially when typing on the phone screen. DarkFly is not a security tool by itself but rather a tool to simplify the process of installing a security tool you need by cutting down a lot of command lines you would need to go through in order to install the same tool. Follow the steps below to learn how to install DarkFly.

1. Open your Termux app and type in pkg install python2 and press Enter. This will install Python2 on your phone.

2. Now type in pkg install git and press Enter

3. Type in git clone and press Enter. This will download the DarkFly Tool to your phone

4. Type in cd DarkFly-Tool and press Enter to change to the DarkFly tool directory

5. Now type in python2 and press Enter to run the DarkFly installation tool. 

6. Now type in DarkFly and press Enter. If everything is done correctly, your screen should look similar to what I have below.

7. Now to view a list of tools you can install type in 1 and press Enter. From here just type in the number next to the tool you want to install and press Enter to install it.


  1. I installed the Darkfly-Tool and opened it after exit from the termux am not able to open the Darkfly-Tool PLZZ give any suggestions brohh..