Friday, March 8, 2019

Imago - Image Forensics

Imago is an image forensics tool that allows the user to extract information about an image. This tool works well if you have a lot of images and need to compare them to each other. Imago allows you to extract the evidence into a CSV file or in an SQLite database. If in a JPEG EXIF are present GPS coordinates, Imago can extract the longitude and latitude and it can convert them to degrees and to retrieve relevant information like city, nation, zip code. Imago offers also the possibility to calculate Error Level Analysis and to detect nudity these functionalities are in BETA.

How to use Imago:

1. Open a terminal and type in pip install imago

2. imago

3. imago -i /root/Desktop -o /root/Desktop/ -x -s -t jpeg -d all


-i /root/Desktop - is the base directory, where Imago will search for files

-o /root/Desktop - the output directory where Imago will save the CSV file, with the extracted metadata

-x - Imago will extract EXIF metadata.

-s - the temporary SQLite database will not be deleted after the processing.

-t jpeg - imago will search only for jpeg images.

-d all - imago will calculate md5, sha256, sha512 for the jpeg images.


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