Monday, April 8, 2019

Track the exact location of the victim during Social Engineering with ISeeYou

I See You is a tool made with Bash and JavaScript that allows the user to find the exact location of the victim during a social engineering or phishing attack. Once the location of the victim is found a coordinate will be displayed in the Google Map. (See Screenshot below)

Follow the instruction below to learn how to install and run I See You.

1. Turn on your Kali machine, open a terminal and follow the command lines below.

git clone

2. cd I-See-You

3. chmod u+x

4. bash

5. Type in the URL that was generated by the Serveo (See example below)

6. This URL is generated randomly for different users. However, it will be a sub-domain for the domain. Send this URL to your victim as part of the phishing campaign via email or any other medium. Victim will see the site as below:

Note: You can be creative and modify the look and feel of the page as per your requirement.

Once the targeted users allows location permission, you will receive the exact location of the victim in the tail screen. These numbers are longitude and latitude of the user.

Now you can use to convert the longitude and latitude to find the exact location:


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