Wednesday, September 25, 2019


MRKING is a bash script that allows you to easily create payload, and install other hacking tools by navigating through the menu that has all of the options you can choose from. MRKING works with Metasploit so if you are lazy typing all of the commands in Metasploit you can use this to generate a payload for any OS you want using the payload menu and just open Metasploit to start the listener. Follow the instruction below to learn how to install and run MRKING.

1. git clone > cd MRKING > bash

2. If you are using Linux choose option 1 and if you are using Termux on your phone choose option 2.

3. Wait until it is done installing all of the required packages. Now type in bash to run the script

4. From here just choose an option and follow the on-screen instruction to create or install additional tool of your choice.

5. I chose option 1 to create a Windows payload as an example below.

6. My payload is called game.exe. Now I can just send this to any target system and execute it, then come back here and start the Metasploit listener to start listening and interact with the victim's machine.


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