Monday, December 9, 2019

CloudReady OS

CloudReady operating system is a Chrome-like operating system that is also built using the same technology that was used to build the Chrome OS, so you will have the same experience as if you were using the Chrome operating system. The only downside to the CloudReady OS is that it does not support the Google Play Store for installing Android apps due to many technical and legal constraints. You can read more information about Android support here. At the time of this writing, ReadyCloud OS comes in three different editions, they are Enterprise, Education, and Home. The Enterprise and the Education edition are paid and the Home edition is free for personal use. CloudReady is not made to replace a Chrome OS that is installed on every Chromebook however, you can use CloudReady to revive an old laptop or desktop that is compatible with the operating system while having a similar experience as using a Chromebook.

Follow the instruction in the box below to download and install CloudReady on your compatible laptop.


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