Wednesday, January 22, 2020

ANDRAX Mobile Pentest

ANDRAX is an Android App that contains a lot of security tools that you can use to pentest with your Android phone. Although you can use Termux and get security tools from Github but ANDRAX can still have some advantage over Termux. Since ANDRAX is an APK file, all you have to do is download it from the original website, send it to your phone and install it just like you would with any other APK file and you will be all set to go. While Termux on the other hand, you have to not only install Termux but you also need to manually type in the command and the git URL in order to download the tool. 

Click Here to visit the official ANDRAX website and download the APK file.

Note: Once you are on the official website click on the green words under where it says Version, Name, Build and Date (See screenshot below) to download the APK file instead of clicking on the DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE button, because this button will only download the source code and not the APK file. I am not sure why they did it like this which is confusing for some people.


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