Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Inside The Desktop ATX Power Supply

The power supply in this post is an ATX 12-volt power supply. See below to find out what is inside the power supply. If you want to fix power supply you will have to have some knowledge of electrical or electronics engineers, otherwise, stay away from opening the power supply because it can be dangerous. Even when the power supply is unplugged from the outlet some electricity can still be stored in some of the electronics components and it can shock you if you are not careful. 

Step 1: Remove the screws as shown, using a Philip screwdriver

Step 2: Remove the screws as shown

Step3: Slide the top case off of the power supply and you will be able to see the heat sink and the mainboard inside.

Step 4: The picture below is the left side of the power supply which shows many different small capacitors and other electronic components.

Step 5: The picture below is the right side of the power supply which contains two large capacitors.

Many times power supply stops working because the capacitors in them are no longer working, and you can find out by looking closely at the capacitor head (see picture below). If the capacity head seems like it got inflated like the picture below meaning the power supply is bad. The only way to fix this is to remove the bad capacitor, find a capacitor that has the same volt and uF or microfarad and solder it on the motherboard.


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