Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Look up private photo of people on Facebook that are not your friend

Facebook implemented a new search features that has a vulnerability in it. Although the vulnerability is basics it can be very effective in doing background check on people who are not your friends on Facebook. For example I tried searching for a random person who is not on my friend list and I was not able to see some of the hidden photo that was posted. I can only see a limited amount of photos the person has posted on their profile. 

But if I type in the search box like this: photo of Person Name (see example in the picture below) I will be able to see some of the photos that are not displayed on the person profile. This can be very helpful in an investigation because even if the person is not your friend you can still see some of their private photos.

This can also be useful for those people who want to check private photos of their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who are no longer on their friend list. 


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