Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Hero Must Die Again

In Hero Must Die. Again, players are thrust into a bizarre situation. In this game, you’ve already done the hard part: the hero, whom you can name whatever, has just slain the demon, Guile, that was threatening the world and your beloved. In the final battle, you defeated the demon, but at the cost of your own life. You will be remembered as a hero and a martyr forever. Yet your time not his planet isn’t over just yet. You see, the Divine has decided that you have five days left on the mortal plane to tie off any loose ends you may have. And the one that’s at the top of your list is to find your beloved and impart your affection one last time. Problem is, the brief time you’ve spent in the afterlife has sort of slogged up your brain, so you can’t exactly remember where or even who she is. Nevertheless, you’ve been given five full days with perfect weather and sunshine, and you can use them however you’d like to best cement your final legacy. But time is against you: the power of the Divine is amazing, but it’s not perfect, and you are ultimately racing against the final boss; the finite that is life.

Download the ISO and the instruction.nfo below. Open the instruction.nfo file with Notepad and follow the instruction to learn how to install the game.


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