Saturday, July 4, 2020

Evoo TEV-L2in1-116-2 Tear Down

1. Flip the laptop over, remove the screws as shown below and use a prying tool to pry out the plastic cover.

2. Remove the screws that hold down the battery first, then remove the screws on the top left and right.

3. Remove the rest of the screws indicated by the arrows below and remove all of the ribbon cables. You will have to peel off the black tape to reveal the ribbon connectors. After you removed all of the screws, lift the metal plate that sits on top of the motherboard and you will be able to remove the board.

4. Remove the two speakers at the bottom left and right. The best way to remove the two speakers is to use a plastic prying tool because they have adhesive at the bottom.

5. Once you removed everything, you will be left with the keyboard and the touchpad which cannot be removed (unless you don't mind damaging the cover).

6. Below are the parts that have been removed from the laptop.


Ribbon cable - Battery

Heat Sink - Mainboard - External Storage Board -
Aux cable - Speakers

Touchpad Ribbon Cable