Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Send and Receive Fax for free

To send and receive a fax for free you will need to sign up for a free online account at Faxbetter, after that you will get a free fax number. You can give this number to anyone and that person can fax any document to that number (the document will appear in whatever email you used to sign up for the account at Faxbetter).

(Free account can receive up to 50 fax per month)

Since Faxbetter free account does not allow the user to send free fax, head over to Faxzero. Faxzero is a website where you can send a free fax to any number. Once you fax something to someone (if you want) you can provide the number you got from Faxbetter in the textbox for them to fax something back to you.

(Free account can fax up to 3 documents or 25 pages at a time)


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