Sunday, September 13, 2020

Popstation - Convert PS1 ISO to PSP

Popstation is an application that allows you to convert any PS1 ISO file into a PSP ISO file that can be played on your PSP or on a PSP emulator. This is a great tool to play PS1 titles that are not available on the PSP system.



1. Open Popstation

2. Click Choose button

3. Locate your PS1 ISO file like I have above, select the bin file and click open

4. Click the Generate EBOOT button

5. Select Perform right now

6. Your EBOOT file should be in the Popstation directory. Copy the EBOOT and the BIN file to your PSP memory card to play it on your PSP. You can also run this on a PSP emulator as well using the PPSSPP.


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