Wednesday, November 4, 2020

College Tips

College is tough because it is a time when you will learn how to be independent and how to prioritize things so you can get them done on time. Your classes should always be your number one priority but below are some tips you use to make your college experience worthwhile. 

1. Create a blog or a website while you are in college and write a post at least once every week about a topic you are passionate about or a career you are working towards because having a blog or a website can help you land a better job than those who don't. A blog or a website can also help you to earn some money toward your school expense if you have enough traffic. I recommend using blogger because its free and if you want you can pay for a domain that is only about 12 dollars a year (depending on how popular the domain is), that is less than 1 dollar a week and, if you don't want to pay for the domain, you can still use the free one with the blogspot extension (example: If you need help creating a blog read this article How to create a blog.

2. Try out freelance work while you are in school, there are a lot of places and websites that provide freelance jobs or jobs that work around your school schedule. Doing this can help you gain experience while in college and it also shows the employers that you are a motivated individual and a self-starter. Freelance work can also help you learn customer service, communication, and entrepreneur skills which a lot of employers are looking for.

3. This is probably the easiest one but some people still miss it. Before you buy a textbook for a class you are taking, send the instructor an email or phone and ask if the book is required for the class. If the book is required, the first thing you should do is go to the book store and see how much the book cost, then go and compare it to other sources to see where you can get the same book for a lower price. This can save you a lot of money that you can use to either pay back your student loan (if you know you will have any) or use it to learn how to invest early.

4. Speaking of invest, the earlier you learn how to invest the better your financial future will be. Learn to not only save money but also figuring out how to use your extra money to work for you is also important because chances are you will have a student loan after graduation and a student loan cannot be default, at least not anymore. Saving and investing your money while in college will save you a lot of headaches and financial stress when you ready to graduate. There is a lot of investing platform that will allow you to park your money and see it grows over time. Just to name a few, there is WorthyBond, Fundrise, Driverloan investors club, Tellus, Stash, and SoFi

5. Be very careful when buying used books online, because some classes required you to have the book but also a unique code that can only be used once, so you can access some online materials. If you bought a used book, most likely the code is already used and you will have to either return the book or get the code separately which most of the time you cannot because unused code only comes with a new textbook.

6. Use social media like LinkedIn to create a large number of connections with people that have similar interests as yours. The more connections you have the better your chance of landing a good job after graduation. Remember to only connect with people that have similar interests as you because LinkedIn is a professional network and should not be used like Facebook.

7. Attending a resume workshop, joining a club, and/or attend a college event can help you create a strong resume while meeting new people and, gain some volunteers experience. Meet Up is a very good website/app you can use to attending a free event that is related to your career goal and, the best part is, it is completely free to use.


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