Streaming and Antenna vs. Traditional Cable

Streaming has became a very popular ways to watch TV. If you are paying for cable which is about a 100 dollar per month, then streaming could be for you because streaming only uses your high speed Internet connection to deliver content to your TV which is usually around 40 dollars a month. Although there are paid streaming service out there that could add up if you sign up for too much. For example Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and Sling TV, these are all paid subscription-based streaming service and if you sign up for all of them it would cost too much. Instead of signing up for many streaming services, there are free alternative available such as Mobdro, PlutoTVShowBox, and Kodi that will allow you to watch a lot of TV shows, movies, news and sports without a monthly fee. The only problem with streaming content from the Internet is that your Internet needs to be fast or you will experience buffering which can be annoying.

If you are thinking of moving your TV service from cable to streaming I recommend getting an Android box where you can side load an APK file in order to install apps that are not available in the Play Store such as Mobdro and ShowBox.

If you have an old computer that can run at least a Windows 7 and has an HDMI output you can turn it into a media center by installing Kodi and a Chrome browser with a wireless mouse and keyboard combo.

Here are a few Android TV streaming devices I recommend

Fire TV - This one is from Amazon which does have a variety of choices you can choose from

NVIDIA Shield - This is a streaming device from NVIDIA that runs Android as an operating system. This was designed mainly for gaming but since it runs Android and has a powerful processor it can do a lot of streaming as well.

You can also get an unbranded Android TV box from Aliexpress for cheaper but these devices usually do not have firmware updates.

App I recommend for Android TV Box

Mobdro - This needs to be side loaded. This app has live TV, Documentary, Movies, TV Shows and other contents from UK

ShowBox - This needs to be side loaded

Pluto TV - This can be downloaded from the Play Store

Kodi - This can be downloaded from the Play Store

Droid Buddy 2.0 - This needs to be side loaded. This is not an app to watch TV but rather an app that contains a lot of different links to other apps that allow you to stream for free.

If you decided to go with a streaming device I also recommend setting up an outdoor TV antenna for all of your local channels.


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