Web App and Services

Sumo Paint - Free online Paint, similar to Microsoft Paint but has more tools

Pixlr - Free online photo editor very similar to Photoshop

Zamzar - Free online file and format converter

Find Who Calls You - A website to find out who called you to make sure it is a legitimate call before handing over your personal information.

Fake Update - Windows Update Prank 😈

Snap - Learn to code with blocks

Screenshot - Take free screenshot to create instruction

Shodan - Search engine use to discover devices connected to the Internet

Viglink - Turn text on your website into advertising links to make money

Outbrain - Place ads on your blog or website

AppsGeyser - Create Android app without coding

Buildfire - Create Android or iOS app without coding

4shared - 15GB free file hosting

Mediafire - 10GB free file hosting

Box - 10GB free file hosting

Dropbox - 2GB free file hosting

pcloud - 10GB free file hosting. You can get up to 20GB by referring people.

File Upload - 117GB free file hosting and sharing.

Logomakr - Free online Logo maker

CodaCoda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. People have made Coda docs that do everything from launch products, to scale small businesses, to help them study for tests.

TextNow - Free VoIP online service. Get a free number and make calls using your computer, tablet or phone.

Free Code Camp - Learn to code for free.

WebEx - Host Free Meeting with WebEx

Infinity Free Web Hosting - Free unlimited web hosting

GeekPrank - Hack Prank Website

Whereby - Free conference and video call up to 4 people

Fax Zero - Free fax up to 25 pages per document. Maximum 3 document at a time

Weebly - Create and host a free website

Boxmode - Design and host a free website

Online OCR - Convert image or PDF to word document.

Edublogs - Create a free blog to share educational materials

Padlet - Create your own collaboration wall for free

Bubbl.us - Free online collaboration tool for education

AWWAPP - Free online whiteboard

Discord - Create a group and invite friends that share a common interest

Pexels - Creative common images for both personal and commercial use.

Unsplash - Creative common images for both personal and commercial use.

Pixabay - Creative common images for both personal and commercial use.

Infolinks - Ad network for your website

Wordtune - AI-powered writing companion Chrome extension

Diagram - Free online flowchart and diagram maker.

Lucid App - Free online data flow diagram maker

yEd - Free diagram and graphic editor

Monday - Free browser-based alternative to Microsoft Project

Visual Math Editor - Free math editor for both local and online

Max Button - Free HTML hover over button generator

Nabble - Free embedded forum for blog

SmallPDF - Cut, Merge, Convert and Re-arrange PDF file for free

Fake You - Free AI voice

Earth 2050 - View Earth project in 2050

3D Driving Simulator - 3D simulator that allows you to drive around the world.

Netflix Code - Search Netflix categories by code

Audiobook Bay - Torrent Audiobook