Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How to brute-force a password protected zip file using fcrackzip

fcrackzip cracking a protected zip file

1. Boot up your Kali Linux and go to Application Kali Linux > Password Attacks > Offline Attacksfcrackzip

2. Type in this command: fcrackzip -u -c 1 -l -p aaaaaaaa /root/Desktop/file.zip

where fcrackzip is to run the fcrackzip tool

-u is for decompressing the file by calling unzip with guessed passwords

-c let you select the character set and 1 means password is also numerical

-l (L) is the length of the password

-p let you select an initial string to start a brute-force attack

by inputting aaaaaaaa this tells fcrackzip to start all 8 characters with the letter A and then move to b, c etc. in the alphabet.

/root/Desktop/file.zip is the location of the zip file


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