Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How to reveal the plain text password that is already filled in to the password textbox

I will be using Facebook as an example of how to reveal the password that has already been filled in the password textbox. If you have physical access to a computer that has autofill turned on and some credential information was saved you can use this method to reveal the plaintext password.

1. At the top just ignore the Email or Phone textbox. What we are interested in is the password box. Sometimes people enter their password and save them on their computer for easy access. Here is how you can obtain their password.

Note: You cannot simply copy the password and past it into something like notepad to see it in clear text because the copy option is grayed out (see example below). The best way to see the password in clear text is to go into developer mode. This method works very well in Firefox and Chrome browser.

2. Instead of copying the password, we can right click on the password box and go to Inspect 

3. Once you have selected Inspect you will be prompted with a window containing the HTML code. Look for input type="password" and change the word password to text (be sure to leave the quote and do not delete them) and press Enter. The password in the password box should now be in plain text. You can now copy it and store it somewhere else for later access to the account.


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