Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How to reinstall Mac OS from recovery

1. Start up your Mac while holding down Command+R until you hear the startup chime and see either a spinning globe or Apple logo.
2. A macOS Utilities window will open, on which you will see the options to Restore From Time Machine Backup, Reinstall macOS, Get Help Online and Disk Utility. Your next step depends on whether you wish to wipe the Mac before reinstalling the operating system. If you want to wipe your disk click Disk Utility (otherwise you can jump ahead to point xx).
3. Having selected Disk Utility, click Continue.
4. Now select the volume you wish to Erase (likely Macintosh HD) and click Erase (you may need to click on View Show All Drivesbefore you can see the volume). Remember this is going to delete all your data so make sure you have made a backup. 
5. Make sure that the Format is set to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and that if available you have GUID Partition Table selected as the Scheme.
6. Click Erase and wait. (There are options under Security Options that allow you to erase the disk securely).
7. Now choose Disk Utility > Quit Disk Utility.
8. You will see the OS X Utilities screen again, choose Reinstall macOS.

9. After clicking Reinstall macOS, click on Continue

10. Enter your Apple ID if required and wait while MacOS is reinstalled

11. When the setup wizard stars up, quit if you are intending to sell or pass on the Mac so that the next owner can enter their own details. Otherwise, continue setting up your Mac.


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