Monday, September 24, 2018

Linux vs. Mac

Why choose Linux over Mac

Both Linux and macOS are Unix-like OS and give access to Unix commands, BASH, and other shells. Both of them have fewer applications and games than Windows. But the similarity ends here.
Graphic designers and video editors swear by macOS whereas Linux is a favorite for developers and system administrators.
So the question is should you use Linux over Mac? If yes, why? Let me give you some practical and some ideological reasons why Linux is better than Mac.
If you use the system only for basic things such as web browsing, movies, photos, writing documents, video chat and other similar stuff with added security than Linux would be perfect for you because not only it is free, it is also very reliable and secure. Although you could choose to spend more on a MacBook. But do you think that is a good idea? I'll let you be the judge.
Hardware Choices
Linux is free. You can install it on computers with any configuration. No matter how powerful/old your system is, Linux will work. Even if you have an 8-year old PC laying around, you can have Linux installed and expect it to run smoothly by selecting the right distro.
But, Mac is as an Apple-exclusive. If you want to assemble a PC or get a budget laptop (with DOS) and expect to install Mac OS, it’s almost impossible. Mac comes baked in with the system Apple manufactures.
There are ways to install macOS on non-Apple devices. However, the kind of expertise and troubles it requires, it makes you question whether it’s worth the effort.
You will have a wide range of hardware choices when you go with Linux but a minimal set of configurations when it comes to Mac OS.
A lot of people are all praises for iOS and Mac for being a secure platform. Well, yes, it is secure in a way (maybe more secure than Windows OS), but probably not as secure as Linux.
I am not bluffing. There are malware and adware targeting macOS and the number is growing every day. I have seen not-so-techie users struggling with their slow mac. A quick investigation revealed that a browser hijacking malware was the culprit.
There are no 100% secure operating systems and Linux is not an exception. There are vulnerabilities in the Linux world as well but they are duly patched by the timely updates provided by Linux distributions.
Thankfully, we don’t have auto-running viruses or browser hijacking malware in Linux world so far. And that’s one more reason why you should use Linux instead of a Mac.
Customization & Flexibility
If you don't like something in Linux you can change or remove it completely. For example, if you do not like the Gnome desktop environment on Ubuntu 18.04.1, you might as well change it to KDE Plasma. You can also try some of the Gnome extensions to enhance your desktop experience. You won’t find this level of freedom and customization on Mac OS.
Besides, you can even modify the source code of your OS to add/remove something (which requires necessary technical knowledge) and create your own custom OS. Can you do that on Mac OS?
Moreover, you get an array of Linux distributions to choose from as per your needs. For instance, if you need to mimic the workflow on Mac OS, Elementary OS would help. Do you want to have a lightweight Linux distribution installed on your old PC? We’ve got you covered in our list of lightweight Linux distros. Mac OS lacks this kind of flexibility.
Using Linux helps your professional career [For IT/Tech students]
This is kind of controversial and applicable to students and job seekers in the IT field. Using Linux doesn’t make you a super-intelligent being and could possibly get you any IT related job.
However, as you start using Linux and exploring it, you gain experience. As a techie, sooner or later you dive into the terminal, learning your way to move around the file system, installing applications via command line. You won’t even realize that you have learned the skills that newcomers in IT companies get trained on.
In addition to that, Linux has enormous scope in the job market. There are so many Linux related technologies (Cloud, Kubernetes, Sysadmin etc.) you can learn, earn certifications and get a nice paying job. And to learn these, you have to use Linux.
Ever wondered why Linux is the best OS to run on any server? Because it is more reliable!
But, why is that? Why is Linux more reliable than Mac OS?
The answer is simple – more control to the user while providing better security. Mac OS does not provide you with the full control of its platform. It does that to make things easier for you simultaneously enhancing your user experience. With Linux, you can do whatever you want – which may result in poor user experience (for some) – but it does make it more reliable.
Open Source
Open Source is something not everyone cares about. But to me, the most important aspect of Linux being a superior choice is its Open Source nature. And, most of the points discussed below are the direct advantages of an Open Source software.
To briefly explain, you get to see/modify the source code yourself if it is an open source software. But, for Mac, Apple gets an exclusive control. Even if you have the required technical knowledge, you will not be able to independently take a look at the source code of Mac OS.
In other words, a Mac-powered system enables you to get a car for yourself but the downside is you cannot open up the hood to see what’s inside. That’s bad!
If you want to dive in deeper to know about the benefits of an open source software, you should go through Ben Balter’s article on


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