Monday, September 24, 2018

What is happening in the mobile industry

Freedompop the famous cellphone company that offer cheap cellular plan is opening a new company called Unreal Mobile which offer unlimited talk and text and varying amounts of data (1GB, 2GB, 5GB) starting at $10 dollars per month. 

There is a plan that offers you unlimited everything but you will have to be careful when the company's claim unlimited everything. For example you will have unlimited data but the company will throttle your data connection speed from 4G to 2G when you used up all of your 4G data and 2G is too slow to watch any video or listening to any music. 

Unreal Mobile gives you the option of making call either through the Sprint network or VoIP over WiFi. When you make a normal call through the Sprint network you can use the phone native calling app and when you want to make a VoIP call you will have to go through the Unreal Mobile App which is a little annoying because you have to switch back and forth in order to use one or the other. 

Coverage Area

Unreal Mobile runs on Sprint's network which is the most weakest network of the big three U.S. carrier like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. If you look at their coverage on the map below you will see that the coverage area is greater on the right side of the map but as you move closer to the left the coverage area decreases. If you live somewhere in the East than this will be an excellent service but if you live somewhere in the West then this service will not be a good choice.

(The green areas have 4G LTE and the Yellow areas have 3G coverage)


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