Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to share and map a network drive in Windows 10

Even though I did this on Windows 10, the steps are very similar on other versions of Windows. For this example I am going to share the drive D. You can share any drive you want, the steps are the same.

1. Click on File Explorer

2. Click on This PC then click on the drive you want to share to highlight it. For my example I will be sharing my drive D so I will click on drive D. 

3. Right click on drive D and select Properties

4. Click on Sharing tab at the top and then click on Advanced Sharing...

5. Check the Share this folder check box then click on Apply and OK

6. This step is completely optional. If you want to set permission, before you click on Apply and OK, click on the Permissions button and you will be able to set permission for the whoever is accessing the drive. For example you can if you want the group of people on the drive only be able to read then just check the Read box under Allow or you can check Change and allow people to write to the shared drive or Full Control to allow them to read, write, execute and make changes to the shared drive.

If you choose to set permission set the permissions using the check boxes and then just click on Apply and OK to set permission.

8. Now open File Explorer, click on This PC and then click on Map network drive

9. Now click on Map network Drive at the bottom and another screen will popup.

10. On this step there is also an optional check box you can turn on. If you take a look under the Fold text box there is an option to Reconnect at sign-in and Connect using different credentials. The first option will allow the computer to automatically connect to the shared drive when you login and the second option will allow you to set so that the each time a person tried to connect to the share drive when they logged on, they will have to type in a different credential. I do not recommend using the second option because it can be very annoying.

11. Once you are done with step 10 just click on the Browse... button and you will be taken to a screen that looks like the one below. On this screen it will take awhile for the computer to load and show you what is available on your network. Once the loading is done click on Network and you should be able to see the computer that you shared the drive earlier.

12. Now click on drive D (with the Yellow folder next to it) and click OK

13. Now you should be back to the previous screen. Now click on Finish. Once you clicked on Finish you should be able to see the shared drive in File Explorer just like the screen I have below


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