Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Recover Yahoo Email Account

To recover the Yahoo email account you will need your recovery email or phone number you have on the account. Without the recovery email or phone number it is NOT possible to recover the email account you are trying to recovered. 

1. Go to and click on Sign in 

2. Type in the email you want to recover the password and click Next

3. Now click on Forgot password

4. If you have a recovery account you can click on the Yes, send me an Account Key and the verification code will be sent to your recovery email.

5. Now go into your recovery email and look for an email from Yahoo like the one I have below.

6. Click on the email and you should now see a code. Get the code and type it into the next screen.

7. Once you are done typing in the code you received in your recovery email click Continue.

8. On this screen you can choose to login to your account or you can choose to Create a new password. It is best to create a new password so just click on Create a new password.

9. On this screen just type in a new password, confirm it and click Continue.

10. Now you should be able to login with your new password.

If you cannot access the recovery email or phone number follow the steps below

1. Follow method one until you reach step 4, a screen that tells you to click on the button to send a verification code to your recovery email or phone number. On this screen instead of clicking on the button to send a verification code, click on I do not have access to this email or phone number.

2. Now you will be taken to a page that says Yahoo cannot recover your account. Click on Visit out Help Site

3. On the next screen click the drop down arrow and select Account. On the right box type in your yahoo email, check the I'm not a robot check box and click on the blue Get started button. 

 4. On the next screen click Contact a Yahoo specialist.
 5. Click on Password and sign in

6. Click Forgot my password

7. On this screen You can click on Ask the Yahoo community for further assistance and if you are still stuck there is a Yahoo live support number you can call by visiting this page HERE


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