Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Xi3 Modular Mini PC 64bit AMD Athlon CPU

1. Remove the 4 stars screws one any side of the computer and you will be able to remove the metal cover. 

2. Once the metal cover has been removed the internal parts can easily be slide out of the metal case.

3. Inside the case, you will see three different boards. The main board (bottom) that house the CPU, the board on the top is for the video card and the one in the middle is the power board. The RAM on this PC is not upgradable but the hard drive can be upgraded. This PC uses an mSATA drive so it can be quite fast for some application and entertainment needs. I use this for Kodi and it seems to work perfectly. 

4. This PC can get really hot, I recommend modding the case and slap on a fan outside the case like I did to cool the PC. 

5. Overall this computer is good for home theater and other entertainment. The only thing I don't like about this mini PC is that it does not have a wireless card built in so you will have to purchase a USB Wi-Fi card if you want to have wireless.


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