Monday, November 26, 2018

How to replace iPad mini 2 touch screen

1. Use a hot air gun or an air soldering tool and heat around the corner of the iPad 

2. Now use a suction cup and gently press it down on the screen. Now gently pull it up and use one of the prying tools to stick it in between the touch screen and the metal part of the iPad.

3. Keep heating the corner and the edge of the iPad and slowly move the prying tool to prevent the glue from cooling. Be very careful not to damage the Home button as you move the prying tool around to remove the touchscreen.

4. Once you are able to lift up the touchscreen, you will see that there are 6 screws at bottom of the touchscreen. Remove only the 4 screws on the 4 corners of the screen and ignore the two in the middle.

5. Once you are done removing the 4 screws in the previous step, gently lift up the screen and you will be able to see a metal plate with several screws around the iPad.

6. Remove these screws and you will be able to see a small metal plate that covers the 3 connectors. Remove this metal plate to access the 3 connectors. 

7. Remove the touchscreen connector and replace it with a new one


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