Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Hacktronian is a tool that allows you to quickly install other hacking tools with ease. Once installed you can choose any tool you want to install from the list simply by typing in the number and press enter to enter the menu and from there you can choose any tool you wish to install and it will download and install all of the required package for the tool to work. Follow the instruction below to learn how to install Hacktronian.

1. Open the terminal on your Kali machine and type in git clone https://github.com/thehackingsage/hacktronian.git

2. Now change the directory to hacktronian with this command: cd hacktronian and type in chmod +x install.sh to allow execute permission for the install.sh file.

3. Now run the install.sh file with the command ./install.sh

4. Press Enter to continue

5. Once it is done installing you will see a screen like below.

6. Type in chmod +x update.sh and press Enter follow by the command ./update.sh

7. Now go ahead and give execute permission to the hacktronian.py file follow by the command python hacktronian.py to open the tool. 

8. From here just choose a category and under that category you will see a list of tools you can install. Simply type in the number and press Enter.

9. I used category 1 as an example for this tutorial. You can see that below.

10. After you have chosen your tool, on the next screen type in y and press Enter to start installing. 

11. After it is done you can go back and install other tool as well. Some tools are command line tool so you might have to run command like python toolname.py depending on what language the tool was created in.


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