Thursday, December 22, 2022


Skill Up is a non-profit organization that provide free and paid training for career ranging from information technology to becoming a teacher.


Our non-profit connects workers with the right tools, resources, and support to make confident career shifts. We’ll help you find training and high-growth, good-wage jobs that don’t require a degree.

Skill Up connects workers with the right tools, resources and support, so they can make confident career shifts, find quality living-wage jobs, and position themselves for promising career growth.

Our History:

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an economic toll on America’s workers. To address this critical need, we launched the SkillUp Coalition in July 2020, an upskilling non-profit coalition built to help America’s laid-off and furloughed workers access the training and employment opportunities they need to secure a place in the economy of the future.

Rather than push workers back into jobs just like the ones they left, SkillUp allows workers to leverage current skills while building new skills that are suited to in-demand jobs with promising career paths.

Now two years later, SkillUp comprises over 90 organizations including training and education providers, tech firms, employers, and philanthropies. We have connected over 1 Million workers to career and training supports throughout the country and are eager to reach even more in the coming years.

We proudly support all workers, at any stage of their journey, and create an affordable, equitable, upskilling ecosystem that allows anyone the opportunity to claim their career.

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