Thursday, October 13, 2022

Linux Firewall Attack Detection and Response With IPTABLES, PSAD, and FWSNORT

The offense seems to be getting the upper hand. Rarely a day goes by without news of a new exploit for a software vulnerability, a more effective method of distributing spam (my inbox can attest to this), or a high-profile theft of sensitive personal data from a corporation or government agency. Achieving secure computing is a perpetual challenge. There is no shortage of technologies designed to foil crafty black hats, and yet they continue to successfully compromise systems and networks.

For every class of security problem, there is almost certainly either an open source or proprietary solution designed to combat it. This is particularly true in the areas of network intrusion detection systems and network access control devices—firewalls, filtering routers, and the like. A trend in firewall technology is to combine application layer inspection techniques from the intrusion detection world with the ability to filter network traffic, something firewalls have been doing for a long time. It is the goal of this book to show that the iptables firewall on Linux systems is well positioned to take advantage of this trend, especially when it is combined with some additional software designed to leverage iptables from an intrusion detection standpoint.

It is my hope that this book is unique in the existing landscape of published works. There are several excellent books out there that discuss various aspects of Linux firewalls, but none to my knowledge that concentrate specifically on attacks that can be detected (and in some cases thwarted) by iptables and the data it provides. There are also many books on the topic of intrusion detection, but none focuses on using firewalling technology to truly supplement the intrusion detection process. This book is about the convergence of these two technologies.

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