Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! - 2D action fighting games.

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition - Take in the beauty of a magical world floating above the clouds, then take on a menacing race of vampires hidden in the dark. Ara Fell combines the best parts of Japanese-style roleplaying games with the best parts of western RPG

Bastion - is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces.

Bloody Spell - is a martial arts action role-playing game. The core of the game is battle-oriented, and it combines many fighting elements and systems.

Bullet Soul Infinite Burst - Bullet Soul Infinite Burst is the sequel of Bullet Soul, a shooter, bullet hell game with more levels, modes, enhancements, and bonus character.

Chrono Trigger - The timeless RPG classic returns loaded with upgrades! Journey to the forgotten past, to the far future, and to the end of time. A big adventure to save the planet now begins…

Dead Cells - In this game, the player takes the role of a slime-like creature that takes control of a corpse in a dungeon, through which they must fight their way out.

Dead or School - 2D hack and slash action with RPG element. 

Danmaku Unlimited 3 - Danmaku Unlimited 3 is designed to be intuitive and accessible to players unfamiliar with the genre, all the while without losing any of the intensity and flashiness that makes the genre so exciting to play.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 - is a hack-and-slash, field-roaming Action RPG that sends players on a new adventure to restore order to a once peaceful world filled with hordes of monsters and battles of epic proportions.

Fate/Extella Link - History, legend, and sci-fi collide in the latest chapter of the Fate/EXTRA saga! Join 26 Heroic Spirits from all across time as they hack and slash their way across the battlefields of SE.RA.PH, a digital realm for the last survivors of Earth.

Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 2 - is a 2D side-scroller Adventure RPG that supports both keyboard and controller.

Steam - A place to play and talk about games

Metaloid: Origin - Fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer

Skul: The Hero Slayer - An action-packed rogue-lite 2D platformer

Stela - is a cinematic, atmospheric platformer about a young woman witnessing the final days of a mysterious ancient world.

The Messenger - An action-platform video game developed by Sabotage Studio. Available on Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

The Vagrant - 2D action RPG game

TimeSpinner - Metroidvania similar Konami's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Touhou Luna Nights - Another Metroidvania game.

Tower Hunter Erza's Trial - contains core elements of roguelike games, presented in a toon render style. The player explores a mysterious tower with Erza, vanquishes mutant monsters, and defeats bosses to acquire a Hunter's License and become the most powerful Battle Maiden.

Blasphemous - An eerie Metroidvania with gorgeous animations and combat.

Bloodstain: Ritual of the Night - is a gothic horror action side-scrolling RPG set in the 19th century England

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Battle with swords and whips in this retro-style action game brought to you by game creator Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates! Play as Zangetsu, a demon slayer bearing a deep grudge, who must travel through perilous lands to defeat a powerful demon lurking in a dark castle.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 - Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates are back with more retro sword-and-whip action! Curse of the Moon 2 brings classic 2D action and a dark, 8-bit aesthetic together with modern playability.

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r] - Pick one of 20 unique characters and fight your way through the dangers of the “Hollow Night”, and claim your victory over those who would get in your way. Experience intuitive and tight 2D fighter controls, with a splash of devastating combos and unique fighting styles to keep your appetite for battle sated.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Marvel and Capcom join forces to deliver the most frenetic 3 vs 3 tag battles ever with Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. This release comes fully loaded, including all previous DLC, Marvel VS. Capcom: Official Complete Works.

PCGamesTorrent - Torrent website that focuses on games and downloads

Mega Man 11 - Mega Man is back! The newest entry in this iconic series blends classic, challenging 2D platforming action with a fresh new visual style. The new Double Gear system boosts Mega Man's speed and power for a new twist to the satisfying gameplay the series is known for.

CoolRom - A website with a lot of emulators and ROMS

Romsmania - Another great website for ROMS and Emulators

Emulator Games Online - Play emulator games online for free

RetroArch Web Version - Play your favorite emulator games inside the browser.

Sky Force Reloaded - Sky Force Reloaded is the spirit of the classic arcade shoot ‘em ups, captured with modern visuals and design. A new entry in the series will keep you entertained with all the things you’ve come to love in scrolling shooters. Meaty explosions, incinerating lasers, colossal bosses and diverse aircraft to pilot.

The Emulator Zone - Best website to find all of the emulators that have ever been released

ROM Hustler - Another great website for ROMs and Emulator

Tales of Symphonia - Experience the fierce, action-packed battle system. Combine hundreds of special attacks and magic spells.

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God - Join Pupuru, a hard-working student, on a delectable roguelike adventure filled with excitement, humor, thrills and all the curry you can eat as you quest to save your favorite local curry restaurant from being swallowed up by the big bad curry chain that's moved into town!

Hero Must Die Again - The hero defeated the demon Guile, but lost his life in the process. Given five more days to put his affairs in order, guide him to the best possible funeral in this anti-RPG where he grows weaker.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection - Six classic titles in one game.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - 4 classic titles in one game.

Death's Gambit - is a challenging 2D action platformer with deep RPG elements. As an agent of Death bound to his service, unravel the mystery of Siradon and discover the true price of immortality

Seek Hearts - Set out on an adventure to discover Izen's mysterious origins in a sci-fi RPG!

Fairy Fencer F: Advent of Dark Force - JRPG game

Minoria - Ink, and bloodstain the streets of Ramezia. Witches must burn and sins must be judged. Venture forth as Sister Semilla to burn down the pillars of heresy in Minoria, an action-platformer by Bombservice, creators of Momodora.

Retro Emulator On iPhone/iPad - Learn how to install retro emulator on your iPhone or iPad and play retro games for free.

Revenant Saga - Become a Revenant and find the truth beyond revenge in this gothic fantasy RPG with stunning 3D battles! Boasting a story that blurs the lines between good and evil, a refined 3D battle system, and plenty of content to go around, this is one title not to be missed!

Sonic Forces - In SONIC FORCES, the evil Dr. Eggman has conquered much of the world with help from a powerful and mysterious new villain named Infinite. Now, you must assist Sonic and build an army to reclaim the world as they fight against chaos and destruction.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Adventurer Adol Christin has washed ashore in yet another mysterious, isolated new land, inhabited by a people who sport long ears and bushy tails...and are none too fond of humans. Experience the very first 3D Ys game as never before, with a whole new gameplay mode unique to this release!

PSP Emulator - PSP emulator for Android, PC, Mac, ISO, Nintendo Switch, Blackberry, and more.

Launch Box - Manage all of your emulators in one place

Killer Roms - ROMs Download and emulator. 

ROMs Forever - Free ROMs and ISO file

NitroBlog - A blog with a lot of free games for download.

WOW ROMS - Free ROMs and ISO file

CDRomance - ROMs, and Emulators

Light Fairytale Episode 1 - A turn-based JRPG series featuring a modern presentation with a classic core. Episode 1 starts the journey to the lost sky with Haru and Kuroko!

Sword Art Online 2 - Browser game no need to install.

Genshin Impact - Free MMORPG available for both PS4, Android, iSO, and Windows.

Elsword - Free to play side-scrolling MMORPG for Windows.

Castlevania Lord of Shadow: Mirror of Fate - This sequel to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow reveals the story of the Belmonts as they battle destiny across generations to discover their true fate. Trevor Belmont, the knight of the Brotherhood of Light, embarks on an epic quest to avenge his mother who was killed by his father Gabriel.

Dark Devotion - Explore the secrets of a mysterious fallen temple and put your Templar faith to the test in Dark Devotion, where no sacrifice is too great in praise of your God. Measure your devotion and your bravery by journeying into the deepest darkness for answers to questions that will challenge your very existence.

Retro Games - Play retro games inside your browsers for free with controller support. Games include NES, SNES, GB, Etc.