Thursday, September 27, 2018

Free text, talk and fax with Dingtone App

Dingtone - Free text and talk app with the ability to fax. This works really well with a Google Voice account. You can tied a Google Voice to this app and when you make a call the recipient will be able to see your Google Voice number. This app is good for saving minutes on your cell phone if you are on a prepaid plan with a limited amount of minutes per month. You can use this app to make calls over WiFi. Another advantage of using this app is you will have an additional number for your work or family or friend. So for example on your phone, you have a regular number plus a Google Voice number and if you sign up for this app you will have another number that is all linked to your real cell number. If you tied your Google Voice account to the Dingtone app, every time you make a call you will have the option to choose what number will be displayed on the recipient caller ID.

The only annoying thing about this app is that you have to get credits in order to unlock most of the features inside the app but that can be accumulated really faster through downloading and trying out apps or watching a few second advertise video inside the app. 


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