Friday, September 28, 2018

How to install and setup the Hamachi VPN server on a Windows machine

1. Download the VPN server application HERE

2. Once you have downloaded the application, double click on the hamachi.msi installer to begin the installation process.

3. Choose your language and click on Next

4. Accept the term and license agreement and click Next

5. Leave the destination and the program Menu group default and check the box to create a shortcut on your Desktop and click Next

6. Just click Install on this screen and make sure the Install LastPass box is unchecked.

7. Wait for the installation to complete

8. Make sure the Launch Hamachi box is checked and click on Finish

9. Click on the Power button to start Hamachi VPN on your server

10. The first time you click the Power button to run Hamachi you might see a popup like the one above, just click on Yes

11. Login with your username and password. If you don't have an account you can sign up a free one HERE

12. Click on the Network tab at the top and select Create a new network

13. Type in a name for your network, create a password and click Create

14. Now you should be able to see the network you created like the one I have above

15. Now go on to another Windows PC install the Hamachi.msi, click on Network and select Join an existing network

16. Type in the network ID and password you created earlier in step 13 and click on Join

NOTE: In the future if you ever want to remove a PC from your network all you have to do is go on to your server open Hamachi right click on the computer you want to remove and select Evict to remove the PC from your network. For security purposes never let stranger join your network because they can use a sniffing program to sniff your traffic. This is exactly like being connected to your LAN except it over the Internet so only allow people to join your network if you trust them.


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