Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to move inbox email to a personal folder in iCloud email

1. Open a browser and go to Next click on the Apple ID textbox and type in your username and click on the arrow to the right of it.

 2. Now type in the password and click the arrow to the right of the password box.

3. Once you are signed into your iCloud account click the Mail icon as shown below.

4. Inside your Mailbox click on the Plus sign next to Folders as shown below.

 5. Now type in Personal as a name for your new folder and press Enter

6. Click on Inbox, select an email you want to move, and click on the folder icon to the right (see arrow 2 below

7. Now you should be able to see the Personal folder under the Move to Folder menu. Click on Personal and your email should now be moved to the Personal folder. Repeat the same steps for all the other email inside your inbox to move more email to the Personal folder. To view your personal folder, just click on the Personal folder to the left and you should be able to view all of the emails you moved inside the Personal folder.


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