Sunday, September 29, 2019

Spotmau BootSuite ISO

Bootable utility disk for crashed computer, or computer that cannot enter Windows. See features below.

  • Boot up ANY desktop or laptop.
  • Support booting from CD/DVD drive and USB drive.
  • Microsoft authorized WinPE technology.
  • 100% compatible with all computer brands.
  • Fast recovery from crashes such as bluescreen and blackscreen.
  • Fix booting problems and random crash.
  • Fix missing file crash such as "ntldr is missing", "bootmgr is missing" etc.
  • Repair partition table.
  • Repair corrupt registry.
  • Repair registry key value infected by virus.
  • Repair crashed MBR even it is infected with virus.
  • 1-click system file recovery.
  • Transfer files (photo, music, document etc.) to external storage devices.
  • Rescue files from crashed or formatted hard drive.
  • Rescue files from crashed Windows.
  • Provide MS-DOS command environment.
  • Include all major DOS commands: chkdsk, debug, fdisk, DiskCopy, Scandisk, etc...
  • 1-Click to retrieve Windows product key from crashed or good computer.
  • Create / Delete / Activate partitions.
  • Split / Merge / Resize partitions without losing data.
  • Create / Convert primary partition and logical partition.
  • Convert FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS partitions.
  • Quick Format / Resize / Hide partitions.
  • Rebuild the lost partition table.
  • Backup or Restore partition.
  • Recover MBR (Master Boot Record).
  • View any sectors.
  • Surface scan to check for bad sectors.
  • Deep clean entire hard drive or partition in one click.
Download below

Click here to learn how to extract the ISO to a USB Flash drive using Rufus.

Click here to learn how to burn the ISO file to a CD/DVD


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