Sunday, September 29, 2019

Partition Magic ISO

The Parted Magic ISO is a boot disk operating system that runs from a CD/DVD or USB drive independently of your installed OS. No installation is necessary. When planning to use a CD/DVD medium for the Parted Magic OS, the ISO file will then be burned to the CD/DVD as an image. Simply copying the ISO file directly to the CD/DVD will not work. Read the instructions below to burn this ISO image to a CD/DVD or to write this ISO image to a U S B flash drive. Your media can then be booted using the computer’s BIOS/UEFI boot device menu when first turned on. You may need to adjust your BIOS/UEFI boot order settings to use CD/DVD/U S B devices first. Your installed OS may boot first if you don’t.

Click Direct Download in the box below to download

Click here to learn how to extract the ISO to a USB Flash drive using Rufus.

Click here to learn how to burn the ISO file to a CD/DVD


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